Thermography for building façade inspection

Thermal imaging is a simple, non-intrusive technique that is generally used to locate the so called 'weak' points in the building envelope. This could be in one or more of the following forms; missing insulation, air leakage, thermal-bridging, presence of moisture etc. Thermography is considered a cost-effective solution and is being widely employed these days for energy savings, building audits, facilities management, envelope tightness etc.

Increasing the energy efficiency of buildings has the highest priority and infrared thermography greatly contributes to reaching this goal. Inspections with infrared cameras quickly and easily indicate insulation problems of buildings. Thermography inspections can be employed for complete buildings or specific parts of a building façade such as the roof or parts of a wall construction.

Certain green building regulations, such as EHS/Trakhees for warehouse and industrial developments, mandate to perform envelope tightness testing for air-conditioned spaces using thermal imaging techniques.

At Buildingdoctor DMCC, we employ qualified thermographers and high resolution equipment to make sure we come up with accurate results during our thermography surveys.

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