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Retrotec DM-2 Series 2 Channel Digital Pressure Gauge

Retrotec DM-2 Series 2 Channel Digital Pressure Gauge

DM-2 Series 2 Channel Digital Pressure Gauge

Retrotec’s DM-2, dual channel, digital gauge puts the operator in command of virtually every parameter of interest to the door-fan tester. The DM-2 represents a huge advance in building and envelope diagnostic instrumentation. It’s capable of displaying pressure on two channels, calculating air flow, leakage area, and air-changes. The DM-2 can also present the results in a number of different units which meet the professional standards of many different countries.

Pressure Channels: 2 independent pressure channels (A & B)
Pressure Range: -1250 Pa to +1250 Pa (-5 to +5 inches H2O)

Resolution: 0.01 Pa (0.0001 inches H2O, 0.001 lb/ft2)

Accuracy: 1% of pressure reading or 0.15 Pa (whichever is greater)

Weight: 14 oz (397 g)

Dimensions: 8.75” × 4.25” × 3” ( 22.2 × 10.8 × 7.6 cm)

LCD Display: 2.4” × 1.4” (6 × 3.6 cm)

Operating Temperature Range: 32 to 130oF (0 to 53oC)

Display Backlight: press [On] to activate

Power: 4 NiMH rechargeable batteries and charger included

Auto Off: 4 hours

Temperature: Can be displayed with Retrotec’s temperature probe that will be available in 2007.

Calibration Meets: Canadian CGSB-149.1-2002 & SuperE, USA ASTM E 779 – 03, European EN 13829 & CEN, UK TM-23 Energy Standards, Rain Penetration Standards. NFPA 2001- 01, ISO 14520 and UBC-905 fire standards.

Supported Units of Measurement
Channel A: Pressure in Pascals, inches H2O, lb/ft2
Channel B: Pressure in Pascals, inches H2O, lb/ft2
Flow in cfm, l/s, m3/s, m3/h

Flow @ (any pressure) calculates flow at ANY desired pressure configured in Setup menu

Leakage Area – EqLA (Canadian) and/or EfLA (US) in cm2, in2, ft2

Leakage Area @ (any pressure) calculates ELA at ANY desired pressure configured in Setup menu

Air-changes per hour according to volume entered on keypad

Velocity in m/s, km/h, ft/s, ft/min, mph

Velocity-Flow in cfm, l/s, m3/s, m3/h according to cross-sectional area entered on keypad

DM-2 Functionality
Range/Config: Cycles through flow ranges of the blower door or duct tester being used.
Setup: permits changing default units, displayed outputs, devices and reference pressures
Baseline: Measures and removes background pressures on Channel A for subsequent testing.
Time Avg: Advanced box-car averaging displays continuous updates of the average pressure. No more waiting for your next average pressure measurement! Dramatically reduces the affect of wind and other pressure fluctuations.
Auto Zero: On start up and every 8 seconds on both channels. May be turned off.
Device: Selects the flow characteristics of virtually any blower door, Duc-tester or a pilot tube.
@: Turns on/off extrapolation to configured pressures
Volume/Area: Enter volume and/or area values to calculate air-change and flow/unit area results.

DM-2A Exclusive Functionality
The following DM-2A exclusive functions are compatible with Retrotec’s 2200, 3200, 3300 or DU220 series fans only.

Set Speed: Allows direct control of Fan speed from the DM-2 – no need to handheld speed control.
Set Flow: Closed-loop PID control of Fan Flow Pressure – great for windy conditions.
Set Pressure: Permits “set and forget” control of your fan. Dial in “Set 50Pa” and the fan will ramp up and hold 50Pa giving on the fly flow, ACH or leakage measurements. As you identify and seal leaks, the fan will automatically adjust itself for the tighter enclosure.

The USB Uplink allows the DM-2 Series Gauge to be connected to a computer for Data Acquisition, Automatic Control or remote data monitoring. Ask us about our software development kit for Excel or Visual Basic.

Part Number
DM211 — DM-2 Digital Gauge Set with Automatic Control (included with all Q series door fan systems.)

Download & Install the Retrotec Device Driver for DM2
DM-2 Device Driver for 32-bit Windows systems

DM-2 Device Driver for 64-bit Windows systems

Not sure which version of Windows you’re running? Microsoft’s knowledge base tells you how to check.
Print this document.

Download the DM-2 Series 2 Channel Digital Pressure Gauge spec sheet.

Download the DM-2 Series 2 Channel Digital Pressure Gauge manual.
DM-2 Series 2 Channel Digital Pressure Gauge Photographs

Simultaneous Pressure and Flow
Displayed on the fly or extrapolated to your desired test pressure. No need to achieve an exact speed to get perfect results.

Air-changes without a laptop!
Input the volume of your building and adjust the fan to your desired test pressure. Can’t reach your test pressure � no problem � Use @-Pressure to extrapolate to 50Pa, 25Pa, or any other pressure.

Advanced Calculation of Normalized Airflow and Leakage Areas

Permeability and Specific Leakage Rates (as per EN13829 and TM23) can also be displayed in real time, by simply entering either the floor or envelope areas.