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About Us

Buildingdoctor is an independent, international surveying and validation service in non-destructive research and building physics in the Middle East, Africa, the Indian Sub-continent, and the North-West of Europe

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Launched in 2000, the company incorporates the following divisions; building physics, thermography, airtightness, smoke simulations, moisture, and leak detection,  We have tested some of the largest buildings in the Middle East, and our engineers have done the largest airtightness test in the world (with an equivalent of 63 fans). So there's no building too big or too complex for Buildingdoctor DMCC, apart from services, our company provides equipment to perform airtightness tests, and equipment to provide maintenance in the fire safety industry (such as enclosure integrity testing), and we provide training on these subjects

Buildingdoctor is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend by delivering innovative solutions and maintaining an excellent reputation. We have a proven track record of successfully completing projects of various scales and complexities, and our commitment to continuous improvement and technological advancements ensures that we stay ahead in the industry

Rob Dam Buildingdoctor DMCC CEO
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Rob Dam
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Our Vision

Our company's vision is to take the lead in non-destructive research and building physics, transforming the way structures are understood, optimized, and maintained. Through our unwavering commitment to innovation, expertise, education, and training for sustainable practices, we aim to create a safer, more efficient, and resilient built environment for generations to come

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Our Mission

We are committed to delivering exceptional value to our clients, partners, and communities by applying our expertise, creativity, and collaborative approach by continuously exploring new horizons and pushing the boundaries of non-destructive research and building physics

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Reach Us for Inquiries

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