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Guide Sensmart PR610 Firefighting Rescue and Detection Thermal Imaging Camera

Guide Sensmart PR610 Firefighting Rescue and Detection Thermal Imaging Camera

Firefighter Thermal Camera


The PR series dual-purpose thermal imaging camera for rescue and detection empowers a new perspective for firefighters. It combines high resolution, a large display screen, multiple scene modes, temperature analysis functions, and a strong protection rating, which can break through the limitations of harsh environments such as high temperatures, high humidity, and thick smoke in fire scenes to help firefighters see the surrounding environment quickly and clearly, locate the fire and search for trapped individuals more accurately, providing users with more efficient and safe fire visualization solutions.


  • 640×480@12μm IR Resolution
  • -20°C to 2000°C Measurement Range
  • 128 GB Local Storage
  • IP67 Encapsulation




Imaging and Optics

Detector type                      VOx, 7.5 to 14μm

Infrared resolution             640×480@12μm

NETD                                       ≤45 mK

Frame rate                            30 Hz / 9 Hz

Focal length                         9 mm

Field of view                         50°×37°

IFOV                                        1.25mrad

Min. object distance         0.5m

D:S                                           800:1

Focusing mode                   Focus-free

Digital Zoom                        2x/ 4x/ 8x

Shot recognition                Auto


Measurement and Analysis

Measurement range           Support auto-switching: -20°C to 150°C, 0°C to 650°C, Optional 500°C to 2000°C (Aperture is required)

Measurement accuracy     ±2°C or ±2%, whichever is greater

Analyzed target                     Three spots: Center, Maximum temperature, Minimum temperature; Three Fixed Areas: Small, Medium, Large (Alternative)

Tracking / Alarm                    Fullscreen maximum and minimum temperature tracking; The maximum and minimum temperature tracking of analyzed target; fullscreen temperature threshold alarm (Vibration, Screen flicker, Buzzer)

Parameter settings               Emissivity, reflected temperature, target distance, humidity, atmospheric transmittance

Others                                       OTA update


Image Display

Display screen                 4.3" LCD, 800×480 Pixel

Image mode                     6 Modes: Basic fire fighting, Black and white, Fire scene, Search and rescue, Thermal detection, Standard

Image adjustment          Automatic

Color palettes                   Black Hot, White Hot, Iron Red, Arctic, Hot Iron, Rainbow 1, Fulgurite, Tint (Alternative palettes are supported only in Standard mode)



Recording function                             Photo and Video


Storage and Transmission

Storage media                       Local storage (128 GB)

Image storage                       JPG with temp info

Video storage                        MP4 format (without temp info); Irgd (with temp info), up to 20 Hz (optional) for temperature analysis

External interface                  Type-C, Micro HDMI, UNC ¼"-20 (Tripod mounting)

WIFI                                             Yes, it can be connected to the mobile terminal for image and real-time video transmission


Power System

Battery type                             Lithium-ion rechargeable battery\

Operating time                       ≥4 hours

Charging mode                      The device can be charged through a desktop charger after shutdown.

Charging time                         90% of full charge in 2.5 hours


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