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Pressure Vent Model PV1050

Pressure Vent Model PV1050

The Pressure Vents 


The pressure vents range of dual-acting pressure relief vents is a new development in the world of pressure relief vents for gaseous extinguishing systems. The vents are gravity balanced for full-proof operation, and apart from that the vents are designed to provide a great validated efficiency factor of free vent area at all pressures.


The pressure vent blades start to open at above 60 to 80 Pascal's and are designed to be fully open at 125 Pascal's pressure in both directions. The special designs provide more than 75% free vent area at 125 Pascal's room pressure, which is measured at the mentioned reference pressure. 




  • Wall Opening Size:  1120W x 1085H
  • FVA @125Pa:  0.82m2    
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