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Retrotec Fan - Umbilical Multiple Fan, 75 ft (22.5 m)

Retrotec Fan - Umbilical Multiple Fan, 75 ft (22.5 m)

Use the Multiple Fan Umbilical to connect up to three fans with three gauges. The umbilical contains three yellow tubes, one green tube, one speed control, and one red tube to facilitate connections when setting up a multiple fan combination system for testing large buildings. The labeled tubes inside this lightweight umbilical are kink free, and stiffer to reduce issues due to kinked or stepped on pressure tubes.

The color coded tubes make connections super easy and eliminate mistakes. Special tapered connectors mean they will not leak. The umbilical keeps all tubes and cables in one neat bundle, making fan to gauge cable management simple and efficient.

  • Tubes bundled together for easy management of tubing connections
  • Easy connection for tubing
  • Fan speed control cable connection
  • Color Coded, and labeled tapered tubes make set up incredibly simple
  • 90 day warranty
Model:Multi-Fan Umbilical, 75 ft
Part Number:DM41
Compatible Fan(s):Model 3000
Compatible Gauge(s):DM-2, DM32
Dimensions75 ft (22.5 m) long
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