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Retrotec Grill Mask Tape (Blue)

Retrotec Grill Mask Tape (Blue)

Retrotec Grill Masks are an invaluable tool for any air leakage tester working in the residential industry, or anyone who is testing an enclosure that involves ductwork. It can also be used to test the efficiency of duct sealants and to calculate duct performance overall. Use it in conjunction with one of our Duct Testing Systems to streamline your testing process!

Seal off the ducts in your enclosure.

The Retrotec Grill Mask is ideal for covering holes and duct registers when testing enclosures, houses, or duct work. The self-adhesive grill mask comes in an easy-to-use perforated roll, which is perfect for use in the field. The adhesive sticks firmly and is an effective air seal, but won’t peel paint when removed. Even if you're using equipment from another manufacturer to find your air leaks, Retrotec's Grill Mask will make your testing easier!

Grill Mask Dispensers are also available. Hang the dispenser and easily pull the sheets off as you need them.


Grill Mask Case

Part Number:



216' long x 12" wide (65.8 m x 30.5 cm)

Roll is perforated every 12" (30.5 cm)

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