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Retrotec Leakage Split Kit

Retrotec Leakage Split Kit

The Leakage Split Kit provides all the accessories you need to quickly neutralize the pressure difference across a ceiling or a sub-floor. The usual application is a Below Ceiling Neutralization Test or to determine the Lower Leaks Fraction if required during an Enclosure Integrity Test. The kit can also be used for HVAC pressure neutralization in ducts.

The kit includes of a 12 foot, 24 inch diameter flexible foil tube in a protective case with a 2 ft x 2 ft flange on one end and a clamp to attach the flex duct to the fan on the other end. It also has a 2’x2’ filler sheet for 2’x4’ ceiling tile openings, a Subfloor test panel- for “subfloor only” clean agent enclosure tests, a field verification panel with adjustable leakage area, and a case to hold it all.

For the Sub-floor only clean agent Enclosure Integrity test to determine lower leaks fraction, the fan mounts in the plastic subfloor panel allowing the “lay in walked on floor” to be neutralized so hole size that would allow agent leakage to occur can be measured.

  • Makes the Flex Duct quick to install in the correct configuration for the required tests
  • Flex Duct Flange compatible with any Retrotec fan with a 24” inlet diameter
  • Handy carrying case to keep the kit all together between jobs
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