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Viper 2.6 – Digital technology in functional

Viper 2.6 – Digital technology in functional

Viper 2.6 is the more powerful variant. It unites the current digital technology with proven technique and power.
Very powerful output, simple operation and the possibility to connect an external fan are features of this machine.


The Viper 2.6 is standard controllable via DMX. The connection is established via a 5-pin XLR cables. The DMX address is set and saved via the keypad. You will stay locked even when the device is disconnected from the mains.

Analog (0 – 10 V), the device can be operated via a lighting desk or via XLR-remote optional. Here the links with 3pin-XLR-plugs.

With the internal timer the fog time in seconds, the wait time in minutes and the output in% accurate.

The control panel with LED-display, symbols allow for easy operation by simple menu navigation.

At the VIPER 2.6, an external fan can with max. 800 Watt can be connected


  • DMX as standard, analog and stand-alone operation
  • Built-in timer
  • Settings via keypad allows a simple menu navigation
  • Enormously strong emissions
  • Fog Volume adjustable in 1% increments
  • Continuous output
  • Connection for fans up to max. 800 Watt
  • Easy disassembly of the tank holder
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