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Wohler CDL 210 CO2 Data Logger

Wohler CDL 210 CO2 Data Logger

The Wöhler CDL 210 CO2 data logger and the Wöhler CDL 110 CO2 data monitor are CO2 measuring devices (colloquially also called CO2 traffic light) for continuous monitoring of the carbon dioxide concentration (in ppm) and other air quality factors.


Determination of the indoor air quality through a combination of measurement and identification of:


  • The CO2-concentration
  • The air temperature
  • The air humidity


For CO2-monitoring of:

  • Housing spaces (comfortableness, humidity problems, etc.)
  • Conference rooms and lounges (e.g. schools)


CO2 Monitor For Buildings


In living rooms, schools, offices, and public facilities, a comfortable indoor climate is important. For this reason, the CO2 monitor alerts you visually and acoustically to ventilate. With the CO2 data logger function (long-term measurement) the measured values can be stored for any period of time. The collected data can then be visualized and evaluated in the software. 


Due to the exact measured values of CO2 levels, air temperature, and humidity, the CO2 Monitor is also suitable for various other environments.


Fresh Air Against Airborne Viruses


Good indoor air quality guarantees a low level of pathogens in the air and the spread of airborne viruses. In a healthy indoor climate, CO2 concentrations are assumed to be below 1000 ppm. With the Wohler CDL 210 CO2 Monitor you always have a close eye on the room climate and the corresponding limit values. The adjustable alarm function reminds you of the need of fresh air. Thus the spread of airborne viruses (e.g. the corona virus) in closed rooms can be prevented. 



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