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Wohler  Fan anemometer

Wohler FA 430 Fan anemometer (incl CO2)

Wohler FA 430 Fan anemometer
Used to measure the air speed, temperature, and humidity, as well as CO2 levels.
Can be connected to a cone or funnel to measure the volume flow of air vents.

Flow velocity: 0.5-30 m/s
Volume flow: 0-99,999 m3/h
Temperature: -20 to 60 Celsius
CO2:: 0-9,999ppm

Flow velocity: 0.1 m/s
Volume flow: 0.1 (0-9,999) or 1 (10,000-99,999)
Temperature: 0.1C/F
CO2: 1ppm

Flow velocity: ±(1.5% of reading + 0.3m/s) for under 20m/s, ±(3% of reading + 0.3m/s) for above 20m/s
Temperature: ±0.6C
CO2: ±30ppm ±5% of reading (0-5000ppm)
CO2 warm-up time: 30 seconds

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