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Wohler IQ 300 C02 Meter

Wohler IQ 300 C02 Meter

Wohler CO2 METER

Is ideal for monitoring air quality in classrooms, waiting rooms, seminar rooms, etc. It evaluates the air quality at any time based on measurement data. An important factor for monitoring indoor air quality is the CO2 content. Through breathing, people release moisture and CO2 into the indoor air and, if they are sick, also viruses. A high CO2 content in the air, therefore, indicates an urgent need for ventilation, because if this value is high, it can be assumed that the air is also polluted with other substances.


Via a bright traffic light LED as well as a clearly audible tone, the Wöhler IQ 300 warns when ventilation is required. The limit values for the warning functions are adjustable. If desired, users can also mute the warning tone, as the large display also shows clearly when the air quality becomes critical.


  • Bright Traffic Light LED
  • Acoustical Alarm


  • Bright Screen

with a large representation of the CO2 value


  • Trend Indication

about the development of indoor air quality



  • bright traffic light LED
  • acoustical alarm
  • bright screen
  • trend indication
  • adjustable
  • automatic calibration function



  • Ideal for monitoring indoor air quality (good, normal, poor)
  • Bright traffic light LED bar
  • Alert tone
  • Large display of the CO2 level
  • Adjustable to individual preferences
  • Trend display on the development of indoor air quality


  • Technical Data


    Range: 0…9.999 ppm

    Resolution: ±50 ppm ±5 % of measured value at 0…2.000 ppm ±10 % of measured value at > 2.000 ppm

    Accuracy: 1 ppm




    Range: -0…50 °C

    Resolution: ±0,6 °C (0,9 °F)

    Accuracy: 0,1 °C



    Range: 0,1…99,9 %

    Resolution: ±5 % at 10…90 % r.F and 25 °C, otherwise 7 %

    Accuracy: 0,1 % r.F

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