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Wohler VE 500 HD Video Endoscope

Wohler VE 500 HD Video Endoscope

Wohler Endoscope


  • Large 7" HD color monitor

Razor-sharp images for precise inspection

  • Split screen mode

Displays both camera images of the combination probe simultaneously

  • Integrated stand

Hands-free for inspection

  • Additional LED lamp

Optimum illumination of the inspection area

  • Storage option

Either on the internal memory or directly on a mobile device

  • Multi-device utilisation

Simultaneous display on screen and mobile device

  • Versatile probes

Extensive range of probes with different lengths

  • Smart Inspection App

Easily create and share images, videos and damage reports

IOS and Android Application Compatibility


The Wöhler VE 500 HD video endoscope is the perfect instrument for inspecting inaccessible cavities through even the smallest openings from Ø 6 mm. With a wide range of probes up to 10 m in length, it is suitable for many applications. The large screen with split-screen mode makes it possible to see everything at a glance. The stand and the thread for magnetic mounting ensure that your hands are free in every area of application.


The image and video can also be transferred to the Wöhler Smart Inspection App to make it as easy as possible to create an inspection report. The split screen mode allows both camera images from the combination probe to be displayed at a glance. A Ø 6 mm opening in a tile cross is enough to inspect the installation behind the wall. The Wöhler VE 500 HD video endoscope is an indispensable tool for inspecting areas that are difficult to access.




The large-format color monitor delivers razor-sharp images, while your image rotation function always provides the optimum perspective. The split-screen mode allows you to display both camera images of the combination probe simultaneously to capture everything at a glance. The supplied stand ensures that the monitor is conveniently positioned so that your hands remain free during the inspection.




The integrated additional LED lamp on your endoscope ensures optimum illumination of the inspection area, even in dark environments. Save your image and video files either on the endoscope's internal memory card or directly on your mobile device. Multi-device use with the app allows you to view the image simultaneously on a mobile device, increasing the efficiency of your workflow.

With the extensive range of probes, you can cover various areas of application. The threaded connection for magnetic holders makes it easier to fix the endoscope in place during the inspection.




With the Wöhler Smart Inspection App, you can use your smartphone or tablet as a second display. The Wöhler VE 500 HD video endoscope transmits all image and video data there via Wi-Fi. Your colleague or customer can then follow the entire inspection, even if they are further away. The app makes it easy to document and send images, videos, and damage reports.




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