Thermal imaging for (sandwich panel) roof inspection

Sandwich panel roof constructions are generally a great way to have an insulated and water and air tight roof. However, the gaps between adjacent sandwich panels are often ignored during the construction stage. These small gaps provide passage for air movement. Air leakage is a major source of energy loss considering most of the buildings in middle east region are provided with air conditioning units. Furthermore, the hot and humid air from outside starts to condensate due to the air leakages which can cause dripping. This brings an ideal condition for moisture development and mold growth in the building which further leads to permanent damage to ceiling and other spaces. The moisture may also lead to structural damage to the roof elements by corrosion.  

Replacing the entire roofing system can be an expensive job whereas finding the root cause of the problem can be a rather easy solution. The damaged sheet metal roof system can severely damage underlying false ceilings as well. Using a thermal camera, it is practically possible to ‘see’ and pinpoint the defects.

We have provided many reliable inspection reports to our clients which has helped them solving the issues with the roof in cost effective manner. Inspections are generally done to prevent issues, or can also be helping to settle disputes between different parties in the construction process.

The thermography inspections can be employed for complete building inspection or specific parts of a building façade such as roof and side wall panels.

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