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Redefining Efficiency Standards for Sustainable Structures

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Expert solutions for your business challenges

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Retrotec blowdoor fans for airtightness testing middle east

As sustainability becomes increasingly vital, the demand for non-destructive research and building physics expertise continues to grow. Buidlingdoctor is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend by delivering innovative solutions and maintaining an excellent reputation

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Our Brands

Retrotec uae

Complete Retrotec infiltration measurement equipment to measure domestic and commercial buildings, ducts, gas suppressed enclosures, etc.

Blowdoor Equipment

Pressure relief vents, pressure balancing vents, blast vents, louvres and other related products.

Pressure Relief Vents


Smoke generators to visualize airleakage simulate smoke movements.

Smoke Generators


The manufacturer of high quality of Inspection cameras, Cleaning tools and measuring instruments

Video Scopes and other
Measuring Equipments

Woehler VIS 700 inspection camera_edited.png

From industrial inspections and building diagnostics to electrical troubleshooting and outdoor adventures 

Comprehensive Thermal Imaging Solution

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Exemplary Ventures

retrotect blowdoor fans uae

Buildingdoctor is committed to delivering exceptional value to our clients, partners, and communities

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